With Covid restriction, mask mandates and the pandemic, most of us are afraid to be in highly crowded areas like the beach even if we are vaccinated. So, are you vaccinated and want to throw a party with your close friends but miss the beach? Well, don’t worry because we are here to guide you on how to throw the perfect beach party in the comfort of your backyard. It will have everything you would usually find at the beach but will be in a more private and select area. So, let’s throw this party beach party because winter is coming.

Select a theme



No party is complete without a theme. For the beach party of your dream, think of Hawaii, Bali or any other tropical destination. Set your theme according to the destination of your dreams and have a rave with your close friends and relatives. Send the theme to those invited and tell them to dress accordingly (swimsuits and tropical prints required). A theme party is never complete without complimentary cocktails and amuse-bouches that fit everything together. Don’t worry about your garden; we’ll decorate it, and your guest won’t even recognize it.



Go full out here; this is going to be the last beach party before snow takes over, and this is your time to have fun. Start with a Tiki bar that you can decorate with balloons, palm leaves, golden tinsel, or shredded tissue paper to give it that traditional vibe. You really can’t go over the top with these kind of parties so get as much balloon as your heart desires or your budget allows and decorate your garden with it. And of course, who can have a beach party without tropical fruit; if you can’t find any, at least get yourself some pineapples and let them act as centerpieces on the Tiki table.



Well, after setting a theme, you need to think of some activities that will entertain your guest during the party. I recommend a slip and slide or even a bounce house water slide; this is fun for everyone irrespective of their ages. Sip your favorite cocktail and slide down the bouncing water slide, and have the time of your life. This will even make you forget that you are in your backyard and make you believe you are at an amusement park. If you have kids, then rent a bouncing castle or house and let them have fun it in, and this will tire them out, and you can enjoy your perfectly crafted days at the beach in your backyard, of course.

Food and Drinks

Well, how can you have a beach party without a barbecue, right? I mean, this is beach party 101, your guests will look for a barbecue at your party, so you better give them what they demand. You can also go a different route and have tropical foods like Caribbean cuisine; think of goat curry, kebab, or anything grilled with Caribbean spices. If you feel lazy or don’t know how to cook, I recommend you call a catering company to take care of the food. You can even decide to have a potluck where everyone brings something that matches the theme of the garden beach party.


Who can have a party without cocktails? It is on you to choose whether they are alcoholic or mocktails. The choice is yours, but be sure to have piña coladas and mojitos as they are the most refreshing cocktails you can have and are traditional tropical cocktails. If you feel fancy, have your own cocktail bar where you can make individuals cocktails for your guests. Or make it a BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle) and let your guests create their own cocktails and have a little competition on who makes the best cocktail.

Whatever it is you decide to do, be safe and respect the Covid protocol of your state. And most importantly, have fun with your loved one and let yourself enjoy life without caring too much about your problems for the duration of the party.

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