What Hall Renters Wish You Never Know!


Step 1: Determine the furniture budget

Step 2: Plan a decoration budget

Step 3: An empty room or furnished room?

You are going to rent a room to celebrate a birthday, a baptism, a wedding, in short, an exceptional event: when defining your budget for your event, be sure to add rental items, the rental of furniture and decoration, so as not to have any unpleasant surprises on the actual cost of your party.

Here is how to calculate the furniture and decoration budget for your hall rental.

1. Determine the furniture budget

If you rent an empty room, you will need to rent the necessary furniture.

Whether it’s a wedding or any other event with a seated meal, you will need to rent tables and chairs. This rental represents an additional cost, which should not be forgotten when budgeting for the project.

As an example, count:

  • between $3 and $4 per day for a simple chair (resin);

  • between $5 and $6 for a velvet chair;

  • from $18 to $28 for a round table that can accommodate about ten people.

Please note that these prices are indicative only. Since the COVID-19, the prices may have risen drastically. Kindly check the updated prices with your room supplier.

2. Plan a decoration budget

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You may also need to budget for decoration: flowers, balloons, lights, etc. Indeed, the appearance of some rooms is less suitable than others for an event.

For example, you will need a larger decoration budget for a wedding if you rent a party room than if you rent a castle.

Decorate your chairs

Here are some tips to decorate your chairs without breaking the bank:

Rent plain white chairs, which you cover with clear covers or veils purchased or rented in bulk.

You can also decorate your chairs with a pretty ribbon on the back.

Flower the room without breaking the bank

While it’s part of the tradition, floral decorating can be an expensive expense:

Rather than natural bouquets, vases filled with water with rose petals on the surface look great.

For a wedding, you can suggest that couples who are getting married on the same day as you contribute to purchasing flowers that will remain in place all day.

3. An empty room or furnished room?

Similarly, don’t forget to evaluate your decoration needs according to your renting room. In the end, a cheap space may not be as good a deal as a more expensive room that is furnished and charming.

Other budget items should not be forgotten for the rental, such as the corkage fee sometimes claimed by the renter or the caterer.

You can also hire an event organizer to manage your reception.

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