Are you trying to plan the perfect lunch for your family and friends? If so, you are probably overwhelmed with pressure. But don’t worry, we’re here to give you some tips on how to prepare a great lunch for your loved ones!

Space and Location

You need to provide enough space and comfortable seating for your guests. Who wants to be uncomfortable in another person’s home?

  • Will they be dining immediately or will they be socializing first? Either way, make sure there is enough space to move around without bumping into furniture.
  • Spring lunches can be held outdoor.
  • Make sure the restrooms are adequately cleaned and amenities are provided.

Creating the Right Atmosphere

Planning a lunch does not necessarily mean serving the best meal in town. While the taste of the food is of course, important, the ambiance must also be considered. How you create the atmosphere is entirely up to you.

Here are some tips for creating ambiance in your home.

  • A little music never hurt anyone. While your guests are enjoying their meal, focus on playing background music. Some people like to play soft instruments like piano or violin from the stereo.
  • Lighting is also an essential element of the meal. For indoor dining, allow daylight to shine into the room. If guests plan to stay through the night, you can dim the lights and decorate with fairy lights.
  • The temperature of the room should be perfect. For summer lunches, hold them in an air-conditioned room. For winter lunches, keep the temperature at a reasonable level.
  • If you have plants in the room, do not hesitate to ask if there are any allergies.

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Serve Food Properly

Serve food properly. Everything from temperature to proper utensils should be perfect. Here are some tips for serving food.

  • Make sure to serve food at the proper temperature. To do this, invest in the proper cookware. For example, serving main dishes in a chafing dish or hot plate will save you the trouble of reheating them in the microwave from time to time.
  • Beverages (fruit juices, wine, soft drinks) are best served chilled. Ice melts quickly and should be replenished at short intervals. A cooler is an effective way to keep beverages at the proper temperature.
  • Appropriate tableware and cutlery should be used to serve guests. If serving soup, be sure to serve it in proper bowls with soup spoons. Spoons, forks, dessert spoons, knives, and plates should be placed in front of each table. It is always a good idea to keep one dining set for uniformity.
  • Napkins and tissue paper should be placed on the table.
  • After-dinner tea should be served with snacks such as raw cashews, pancakes (brownies), or a delicious crumble.

Choose Your Menu Well

  • Whatever you serve will vary according to whom you’re inviting. If they are your best friends, a takeout pizza or instant noodles may suffice. But if you are inviting coworkers or neighbors for lunch, this may not be the best option.
  • Consider what your guests like. A three-course meal, usually starting with an appetizer, followed by a course meal and dessert with a good wine, is ideal for most lunches.
  • Cold appetizers are best if you plan to serve a heavy main dish. Light pasta, cheese boards, gravy and crackers are ideal examples of light appetizers.
  • Offer a wide variety of main dishes so guests can choose what they like. Pasta alfredo, steak, roast chicken, lamb are all great choices for lunch. Don’t forget to add a side dish or two.

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Do you have any other tips? Share it with us in the comments below!

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