Raise your hand if you have already binged watched the new HBO show Euphoria; I have. If you are a fan of the TV show Skins, following the hallucinating lives of the teenagers in Bristol, you will love Euphoria- it’s quite the same concept (sex, drug, and a lot of parties) but with a glimpse of modernity.

The TV show showcases the lives of teenagers, but I would say that this is a -18 show, so do not let the kids around. Euphoria has taken over the internet in the past few weeks. We have seen it all, from makeup challenges to themed parties around the show.

Euphoria, woman with pink lipstick and pink lipstick
Euphoria Glittery Makeup

What Is A Euphoria Themed Party? 

The party will be based on the show popular parties, which include many neon lights, disco balls, and balloons everywhere.

According to the Cambridge dictionary,

Euphoria is a state of

“extreme happiness,

sometimes more than is

reasonable in a

particular situation”


So, in general, these scenes showcase a lot of flashy colors and glitter…this is what you will need to accomplish this euphoric party aesthetic.

The party base is like any other; you should make your guest list to plan your budget and the number of food etc. I would have recommended keeping the guest list limited because this kind of party should be among the closest person so that you can be very comfortable around them.


Led Lights – You cannot have a Euphoria-themed party without led lights. It can be any led lights, but they should be there. There should be enough to lighten the room – as it should be a light-off party.

Backdrop – Invest in a colorful or metallic backdrop. Everyone will take pictures in front of it, and it will be the essence of your party.

Glitter – GLITTER, GLITTER, GLITTER… if you have seen Euphoria, you know what I am talking about; their makeup is full of glitter and seems nice. You need to have a glitter makeup station or ask everyone to have glitter in their makeup. Everything needs to be EXTRA.

Balloons were the hit of all parties, and then they got outdated, but guess who is back? Thanks to the TV show… look for the foil birthday party letter balloons. You can look for the round one too, but make sure it is the foil one as it will stand out in the light-out party compared to the normal colored balloons. 

Euphoria woman in white tank top with green light
Euphoria Led Lights


Cake- As everything should be extra, your cake too should be. Decorate your cake with glitter candles and all kinds of sparklers. 

Drinks – Again, if you have seen Euphoria, you have noticed that they are heavy drinkers (warning; excessive use of alcohol is harmful to health). Go for colorful cocktails, red, pink, blue, anything crazyyyyy is welcome. Make sure that you have plenty of red party cups and metallic cups. They should be reflecting your led light. 


I think music is totally up to you. You can choose to listen to the popular music you heard in the show or anything else. There are a lot of Apple Music playlists that give off Euphoria vibes. I listen to many ‘The Weeknd’ and other music that makes me feel ‘floaty’, I’ll say.

Dresscode – Tell your guest to be the more creative possibilities, put on glitter, sequin, and tassel. The outfits on the show showcase very sexy clothes. Sexy or not, the main thing is to be extra, and on top of this, you are not restrained to either only a skirt or dress. You can wear whatever you want as long as it is extra. 

Following these steps, you should be done with the planning. The main advantage of planning a Euphoria party is that there has no right or wrong way of doing it, so you won’t have to stress yourself. The main thing that you may be more cautious about is the number of guests, so plan the food and drinks accordingly. In the comments, let us know what you think about throwing a Euphoria party… 

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