What will you do to ring in the perfect New Year’s Eve? Need inspiration for a fun game? Or curious about the most popular resolutions? Or want to know how to keep the kids entertained until 12? Or need tips on yummy snacks and drinks? You can read it all here!

In the article, we assume that New Year’s Eve is celebrated intimately, so in a small circle, with friends & family at home.

Celebrating New Year’s Eve at home is much more fun than you might think. The only downside is the risk of wanting a bed as early as around 11:00 pm. So here are some tips to enhance your evening program!

1) New Year’s Eve Is All About a Good Old-Fashioned Gourmet Meal

A gourmet dinner is a way to go for a long meal. Lay the table with meats and vegetables for the casserole and finish it off with pancakes. You can count on it for a few hours. Winter barbecues are also very nice. Set up torches, string lights, and a fireplace in the garden for warmth.

2) Prepare Delicious Snacks for the New Year

Even though you will be well-fed, chances are you will be hungry again around midnight. Then it is a good idea to serve tasty snacks. So, before New Year’s Eve, pop into the kitchen (with the kids) and prepare snacks so you don’t have to prepare snacks at midnight. Think of small tapas, mini pizzas, cheese boards, donuts, sausage rolls, etc. Serve the treats on a nice wooden cutting board or golden plate.

3) Make a Home Theater for New Year’s Eve

Want to ring in the New Year with your family in a relaxed or romantic way? Create a home theater. Hang a big white sheet in the living room, rent a beamer, place a mattress and pillows on the floor, and cover yourself with a blanket.

Tip: Choose an exciting movie that will keep you up until on adrenaline until midnight

4) Set Up a Family Photo Booth on New Year’s Eve

A unique New Year’s Eve with the family should be memorable. So, get the props together with the kids and create a fun photo booth. A lush wallpapered wall already makes an excellent backdrop for a photo booth. For example, buy a roll of tropical wallpaper and cover an MDF board with wallpaper. Place tropical plants in front of it, sunglasses, crazy hats, coconuts, parasols, etc.

11 Ideas To Upgrade Your Next New Years Eve Party With A Photo Booth

5) Writing Wishes

At dinner, ask each family member to write a personal wish and place all the wishes in a bag. Clockwise, each person takes a wish out of the bag and reads it. The others must guess who the wish is for (and from whom it came).

6) Play Old-Fashioned Games

Games are a must on New Year’s Eve. Playing games together on New Year’s Eve is celebrated at home, is entertaining. Of course, the family can gather around the dinner table and play an old-fashioned game. But if your family is a bit larger (or if you have guests), you can turn it into a heptathlon. Set up the games in different living room areas and have everyone rotate through the games, playing a different opponent each time. Each time, keep track of who wins, and whoever wins the most games wins a prize.

7)  Musical Chairs

When everyone is tired and sinks deep into their chairs, it’s time for a game of musical chairs! Shuffle all the chairs in the living room randomly and play a cheerful tune. When the music ends, everyone must find a seat quickly; with each turn, one chair is removed, and fewer seats are available. Those without chairs are eliminated. When there is only one seat left, and there are two candidates, blindfold them. The chairs are moved so that no one knows where they are. When the music stops, the two candidates must search for the chair by feeling it with their hands. Whoever sits in the last chair first wins.

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