How to Choose a Wedding Dress?

You will be the most beautiful on your wedding day, and it will be unique. Everyone will only have eyes for you, and you will be the queen of the day.

You dream of a fabulous wedding dress, and the other outfits will have to be in harmony with the style and theme of the wedding.

When to choose your wedding dress?

Choosing your wedding dress is a crucial step in your wedding planning that helps you leave nothing to chance.

It is advisable to start your research 6 to 10 months before the “D” day. Remember that there will be several fittings to do. You will also need to plan the lingerie and accessories that match your dress.

Where to choose your dress?

The wedding dress must be a marvel and look like you.

You can choose your wedding dress:

    – in boutiques specialized in wedding articles (chain stores);

    – discount stores that also have a large selection of wedding dresses and accessories for small budgets;

    – in an haute-couture store for big budgets;

    – at a local dressmaker or designer: the dress will be custom made and therefore unique, original and personalized, but it will be more expensive;

    – You will meet many exhibitors and big brands at the wedding fair.

It all depends on the budget you wish to allocate to your wedding dress and its accessories.

How to choose your wedding dress?

Wedding Dress


First of all, it is optional that the wedding at the town hall and the religious wedding are on the same day. In this case, you will choose two outfits:

    – an outfit for the civil wedding: a small suit or a knee-length dress with a small jacket with long sleeves;

    – the coveted wedding dress for the church wedding.

You can also opt for two outfits for the same day, that is:

    – your beautiful wedding dress for the ceremony and the wine of honour;

    – another elegant but more comfortable outfit for the evening.

A more casual wedding outfit can also be worn for the next day.

What style should I choose?

Your wedding gown should look like you and be in harmony with your wedding, whether it is traditional, country, sophisticated or thematic.

You can also turn away from tradition and opt for more original models.

The models’ dresses are in multiple forms with varied lines and colours, which are becoming increasingly popular nowadays.

Colours, cut, fabrics: our advice

Here are some tips for choosing your wedding dress:

    – Colors:

        ◦ White remains traditional, but pastel shades are also in: ivory, cream, champagne, and pearl gray.

        ◦ For more marked tones, we find parma, peach, salmon and burgundy.

    – The cut: short or long, the cut of the dress can be airy, light, close to the body, with some small touches of colour.

    – Fabrics:

        ◦ Noble fabrics will be chosen as organza, silk, and chiffon for a more fluid dress, lace and embroidery.

        ◦ The dress may be embellished with bows, ribbons or beads according to your taste.

    – Comfort: Also, think about choosing a comfortable dress in which you will feel good!

Other points not to neglect

It is more judicious that your wedding dress is to the taste of your future husband because you must be resplendent and please him the day “D”. However, according to tradition, he should not see the dress until the wedding day.

However, don’t forget that your future husband will wear a wedding suit to seduce you, which must agree with your wedding dress. You will have to give him some indications about your dress choice.

If he dreams of a frock coat or a tailcoat, accompanied by a top hat and gloves, choose a long white dress with or without a satin or silk train.

If you have any hesitation about the choice of dress, ask your mother, a close friend or your bridesmaid to accompany you, who can advise you.

Good to know: it is possible to buy models from the top-of-the-range wedding dress collection at very attractive prices.

Accessories to embellish the wedding dress

Let your imagination go for some small accessories that will harmonize with the wedding dress without overloading it.

Choosing these accessories after the final choice of the wedding dress and hairstyle is advisable.

Examples of accessories

Here are a few accessories that will enhance your wedding dress:

    – The bag or clutch is worn on the same hand as the groom’s bouquet (wedding flowers).

    – If you choose the veil, choose it in white or ivory tulle.

    – If you want to wear a necklace, choose a light one that fits the dress’s neckline.

    – Earrings should be very discreet: avoid large rings; cultured pearls are a good choice.

    – Hats are suitable for very slender people.

    – For a stole or a shawl, choose organza or wild silk. The bolero allows for covering the shoulders and the neckline during the religious ceremony.

    – The shoes will, of course, be coordinated with the wedding dress with small or without heels. You should focus on your comfort, and the bride should not limp on that day! Wear your shoes a few days before to “break them in” and choose other shoes for dancing.

    – Lingerie or undergarments: they must be glamorous, seductive and comfortable (bra, garter belt, suspenders, stockings, etc.).

Make-up will also play an important role.

The traditions

According to the customs and traditions and if the bride wishes to respect them: it is said that the wedding is happy when the bride wears 4 things:

    – something new;

    – something old;

    – something on loan;

    – something blue.

Price of a wedding dress

The price of a wedding dress varies considerably depending on several criteria: the material, the style and the place where it was purchased.

As a guideline, count on the following:

    – between $150 and $2,500, with an average of $500 for the wedding dress;

    – approximately: $1,000 for the various accessories.


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