You are about to celebrate your 18th birthday and would like to mark the occasion with dignity? We understand… Coming of age is something to celebrate! Gather all your relatives and make your birthday an unforgettable memory. In a few clicks, you can invite all the friends of your choice, with a touch of originality.

Think about organizing in advance to create a memorable party that everyone will remember for maximum effect. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some o our tips for making your 18th birthday party the place to be.

1. Invite everyone you care about 


For this party, the sky is the limit. In other words, don’t hold back! All the people who matter in your life should be invited. After all, you’ll only come of age once. For this evening, have only one watchword: no restrictions! Just think of all the people you love: childhood friends, high school or soccer club buddies, best friends, or close cousins.

2. Create personalized invitations that will make a lasting impression 

Celebrating your 18th birthday is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion: honor it with original invitation cards. Created with love by our illustrators, our collection of cards is both unique and versatile, designed to suit a wide range of tastes. As an added bonus, our card designs are designed to accommodate your memories! Choose your best picture (or your funniest picture) and slip it onto your card. Simple and original.

3. Choose a friendly or unusual place 


You only turn 18 once: to mark this unique and beautiful occasion, go all out and offer your guests a memorable experience. Do you live in Paris? There is no shortage of unusual experiences in the City of Light. Also, for more conviviality, do not hesitate to privatize a place. Whether it’s a private home, a bar, or a restaurant, many platforms now offer you the opportunity to privatize a beautiful place at moderate prices.

4. Define a theme, dressed up or not 

On your 18th birthday, the world is yours! It’s your party, so don’t hesitate to impose your requirements. Dress code, theme party… You are free to set the tone for the evening. The only limit is your imagination. Do you love the Roaring Twenties, or are you inspired by the Marvel universe? Don’t worry: organize an 18th birthday party that reflects your passions!

5. Plan lots of good food 


Whether your birthday party is at a park, a bar, or a restaurant, there’s one key thing to consider: the food! Load up on goodies while thinking “practical.” Choose foods that are easy to eat with your hands: pizza to cut up, mini burgers, sausage rolls, French fries in cones… And don’t forget the classic chips, cakes, and various drinks! Think big: it’s better to end up with a surplus of food than leave your guests hungry!

6. Run a playlist that adapts to the time of the evening 

Do you prefer to choose your music? Today, there is certainly no shortage of music on offer! Many streaming platforms today offer a wide range of content choices in terms of thematic playlists. You can let several playlists run according to the evolution of your evening. Don’t hesitate to create a playlist of your own, which can be collaborative! This way, you can involve your friends in the creation of the playlist.

7. Liven up the evening with activities 


You’re looking forward to celebrating your 18th birthday with your friends and family. However, the idea of gathering several friends from different circles makes you nervous? Plan several fun activities! This way, you allow your different circles to break the ice and get to know each other in a joyful and good mood. Starting the evening with a blind test is a good practice. For a detailed selection of games to propose for a birthday party!

8. Plan a place to put the gifts 

A practical detail that is nonetheless important: remember to plan a place where your guests can drop off their gifts! There is nothing more unpleasant as a guest than to feel lost when arriving somewhere, without having the possibility to drop off your present in a specific place.

9. Create a Photo booth to immortalize the evening 


In vogue for a few years now, photo booths are the perfect solution to immortalize good moments spent with friends or family! Offer your guests a unique experience, allowing them to clown around, kiss each other, or be themselves in front of an instant-print photobooth. On the other hand, this great tool does come at a cost!

10. Thank your guests with a surprise card 

Now it’s your turn to share your love with your loved ones, with a little attention. Just a few days after the party, they will receive a nice surprise in their mailbox! They came to you and treated you in their good mood, tenderness, and gifts…

Sound off in the comments section below and tell us what you want to read next and if you want to read more about throwing the perfect 18th birthday party.

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