Whether it’s for your husband, your wife, mother, dad, or even your own, a 60th birthday deserves to be celebrated properly. Not sure how to plan it? Not to worry. In today’s article, we are going to show you how to throw a fabulous and memorable 60th birthday with original ideas. Interested learning more? Read on!

Birthday Theme

As we already mentioned, below, you will see the best ideas for a 60th birthday for women and men.

The first thing you need to keep in mind if you want ideas to celebrate a different and original 60th birthday is that you need to have birthday themes that match the tastes of the man or woman who is celebrating his birthday.

When it comes to birthday decorations for adults, we usually tend to think of some very specific themes, and there are hundreds of products according to each theme that can be very useful. Here are some of the most successful birthday themes:

  • The Golden Era

The decorations for this them will be made of gold tableware and decorations. Each of the products, glasses, plates, napkins can been printed with the number sixty in white as well for instance. This is a unisex option that can be used for both a man’s or woman’s birthday.

  • The Stripes

It is colloquially known as the black and white stripe collection but can be with gold or pink tones to recreate a festive look. While this option is more appropriate for women in general, it can still be used for men who like those colors and this idea.

For the decorations, you will find that options are not lacking in gold and pink.

  • The Stripes (Men’s Version)

The version for a man’s birthday will be almost the same except from the pink touches. Instead, you can opt for a silver color palette. In this case, the accessories can be the tableware with the 60 in silver on a black background and white and gold dots.

The Decorations

Often, a 60th birthday party is celebrated at home, in a restaurant or in a party hall. So, we recommend you look for ideas to decorate a room. To do this, you need to look for a decorating store that has products for indoor birthday parties.

  • Balloons

The first element of decoration is the 60th birthday balloons that you can find in latex or aluminum.

These combined with confetti balloons or letter balloons that say Congratulations or the name of the birthday person will be perfect for your decoration and photos.One good thing about these decorations is that you can find a good price for the number of helium balloons on the internet, so you can buy them without stretching your budget too much.

  • Photobooth

Another decorative element at a 60th birthday party is the photobooth. By purchasing a birthday photobooth and decorating it with the sixty, the photos will become beautiful memories of the day.

  • Piñatas

In addition, you can combine it with original piñatas for adults, whose you can fill with many small things, including candy, sugared almonds and fun figuines for very fun adult piñatas.

The Cake

It is essential when preparing everything you need to know about celebrating 60 years that you take into account the cake. There is no better way to throw a 60th birthday party for a man or woman than with a well decorated cake.

Primarily, the 60th birthday candles in the shape of a number will be the protagonists of the decoration. But you can add all the cake decorations you want, toppers, fondant figurines, cake flags.

Remember, once you have clear ideas for hosting a 60th birthday party, you can always add accessories to a party and celebration like this one so that all your guests take away the best memories and you can celebrate your 60th birthday in the best way possible. Do you have some tips of your own? Let us know in the comments below.

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