During the first year of our children’s lives, it is common to celebrate each month and make a brief summary or compilation of the most important events that occurred during that time. By the time our baby reaches twelve months of age, he or she is sitting up on his or her own, has started supplemental feeding, has taken or is about to take his or her first steps, and has probably already spoken his or her first words.

When our baby’s first birthday arrives, we realize how quickly time has passed and how much our babies have changed in those twelve months. Since they’re still very small, some parents choose not to throw a party, but something different to commemorate their first turn in the sun. Here are some ideas for celebrating your baby’s first birthday.

First Birthday Party, Yes Or No?

Because they’re still babies when they turn one, many parents don’t see much sense in throwing a big birthday party, as some children may be bothered by the noise or seeing more people than usual.

Instead, many choose to throw a party because in addition to celebrating their baby’s first birthday, they are celebrating their first year as parents. In fact, it is even joked that the first party is actually for the parents and not so much for the baby.

The truth is that every family is free to choose how they want to celebrate their child’s first birthday, and it is just as valid to have a birthday party or not.

What If You Don’t Want to Have a Party?

If you decide to do something different from the typical birthday party, either because you consider your baby small, for economic reasons, or because you live far away from your families, here are some ideas:

Have a Photo Shoot

A great way to commemorate and see how much your baby has grown is to have a photo shoot. This can be a session dedicated just to him or her, with a special theme, or a nice family session to celebrate all the accomplishments and memories you’ve made with your child over the first year.

Have a Family Outing

A fun way to celebrate and remember the first birthday can be an outing to a nearby beach or park in your town. Get organized and set aside a whole day to spend together and relax in the fresh air. You can even prepare something tasty to eat now that your baby is eating solid foods and have a picnic if the weather permits.

Have a Gathering At Home

This is the party that never fails and the party of a lifetime. Invite only close family: grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and have a great family day. You can ask everyone to bring something to eat and make a buffet at home. Don’t forget the cake!

Disconnect from the World and Do Nothing

What do you mean, nothing? That’s right, nothing. Set this day aside for yourself and do nothing. Stay home in your pajamas. Enjoy and appreciate being alone with your baby, without anyone else. Forget about the hectic comings and goings of daily life and dedicate this day to your child. Time flies, and every once in a while, it’s good to take a break from the rest of the world and enjoy our children when they are little. The mission of this day is simple: spend it exclusively with your family.

Whatever options you choose to celebrate your baby’s first birthday, remember that the most important thing is to have a good time with your family and to celebrate the anniversary of the arrival of that special person in your lives.

Do you have your own idea on how to celebrate your baby’s first birthday? Share it with us in the comments below!

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