Planning a successful party is not an easy task. Many people may give you tips on how to organize your event, but if you want to avoid missing any item, activity, or deadline and ensure everything goes smoothly, use a checklist. Check out our tips for creating the most comprehensive one below!


Party planning checklist for 3 months before your party

  • Calculate your budget.
    You should always work with a budget, no matter how lavish or simple your party is. After all, you want to throw a great party that will have everyone talking, but you want to do so without wasting money. Determining your budget is quite simple: all you need to do is decide how much money you can afford to spend on the party, then divide the money into smaller portions to cover specific items like the venue, party items, gifts, caterer, food, and entertainment.

  • Choose a cool theme.
    Your party will be more interesting if you choose an appropriate theme. For instance, a spring event theme is a brilliant idea!

  • Select a date and a time.
    Choosing the proper timing for your party is very important. Ask all your guests if they will be available on a few selected date options for your event. Then, confirm a date and time during which most of them will be able to make it.

  • Book a suitable venue.
    You can choose a great venue with the help of event planners. Also, feel free to check out venue recommendations online. Make sure it is safe and accessible for all your guests.

  • Sort out your entertainment.
    Nobody wants to be at a boring party! This is why you must add life to your party
    with some fun activities. For example, I organized DIY pizza stations for my guests to have fun baking their own pizzas at my sister’s birthday party, and guess what? Everyone had tons of fun! No party is complete without music and games, so make sure to organize these well in advance of the event.


  • Make a list of guests.

    Remember to invite all your friends and family!

Party planning checklist for 1 month before your party

  • Send party invitations

  • Specify the date and time, location, menu, programs, and dress code in your party’s invitation card. I preferred to go green by sending paperless invites for my sister’s birthday. So, I created and sent fantastic invitations using Greenvelope! 

  • Order food and drinks

    If your budget allows it, hire a professional chef to make food and drink arrangements for your party. However, if you plan to cook at home, place orders for your non-perishable items now!

  • Confirm your décor and activities

    Purchase or create party decorations that match your party’s theme. In addition, you can buy any last-minute props or items needed for your party games.

  • Make a list of party helpers.

    Make sure you have people ready to help you serve food and take care of your guests during your party. If you do not have enough friends or family members to lend a helping hand, hire event staff.

Party planning checklist for 1 week before

  • Place orders for baked goods

    Order your cakes or pies a week before your party. Make sure your bakery can deliver your preferred baked items on time!

  • Do a follow-up on your invitations.

    Share your final guest list with everyone involved in your planning process: your chef, caterers, and party helpers!


Party planning checklist 1 day before your party

  • Do your grocery shopping.

    Carry out a final check on your grocery items list and go shopping if needed.

  • Pick up your bakery goods.

    Now, it’s time to pick up your customized cakes and pies for your party. Remember to have a look at your baked items to ensure they are the ones you chose!

  • Prepare payment for event staff.

    Keep tip envelopes for your hired party planners, chef, and event staff ready to be distributed.

  • Place catering orders

    If you did not hire a chef or event staff, place orders for the foods and drinks, and you will serve your guests at your party.

  • Decorate your event venue

    First, you need to clean the event space properly yourself or with the help of a maid. Then, decorate the party area according to your chosen theme.


Party planning checklist for the day of your party

  • Buy ice

    Send someone to buy ice for your party and then store it well in a cooler.

  • Finalize your event decorations

    This is the time for a final touch-up of your event decor.

  • Clean up

    Ask your friends to help you clean the party area and take down the decorations when your party is over.

So, how was your party? Let us know in the comment section below!

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