Are you looking for original theme for your little one party? Or perhaps for a baby shower celebration? How about hosting a whale themed party? Perhaps you like the idea but not sure on the decorations? Well, you’ve reached the right place. In today’s article, we bring you the best ideas to make and decorate your whale party for boys and girls, christenings, baby showers, and even their first year. Are you ready? Let’s go.

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that this theme is so versatile that it allows you to combine it with elements and decorations of other themes, like using accessories for a marine birthday decoration party or, for example, focusing on a blue color palette in different tones.

Forget about the myth that decorating a whale themed party is difficult, because we will show you that this baby whale is pretty, sweet and tender, that’s why organizing a children’s birthday party with whales is easy, simple and perfect, because you will transmit this peace and tranquility to your guests.

Some Decoration Ideas for a Baby Shower

So let’s see some perfect ideas for this occasion:

– Pom poms for the party in light blue colors and shades of blue.

– Garlands for the baby shower with the reveal of the baby’s gender.

– Use wooden letters or small letter balloons to name the future family member.

Your little whale party will delight all the guests with the following tips, because with this small and large whale birthday decorations they will be amazed. The necessary products to start decorating your whale themed party that certainly should not be missing are the following:

– Party balloons that give it that fun touch and remind you that you are at a birthday party.

– Decorative waterfalls or metal curtains, which in this case will help us simulate the sea, perfect to be placed behind the table.

– Confetti of different colors or blue, combined with confetti of happy birthday.

The Balloons

As w have already mentioned, party balloons are an almost indispensable part of birthday parties, so helium balloons in the shape of this animal are really necessary. You can combine whale-shaped balloons with the simple blue ones.

The Ocean (Table)

Among so many preparations, there is one that is essential to all parties and even more to a birthday party, the table!

Each of the elements and the disposable tableware should be represented with the theme of the whale party. To ensure that it not only represents what you are looking for, but also gives an original, creative and unique look.

Putting a plastic tablecloth that covers the entire table will ensure that your table doesn’t get damaged or stained if something falls. It can be a large light blue tulle representing the sea, where the whales live, or combine the tablecloth with a table skirt of another shade that highlights this blue. Also, this will have a more voluminous effect and the perception of “waves of the sea”.

You can also put lights along the whale tablecloth with a garland of lights and small decorative figures like sea animals, seaweed, to generate the feeling of the sea that we mentioned above.

Cake Time

MMM! It’s time for cake, that long awaited moment.

For all those who love sweetness, cake fondant is the best option. This wonderful moldable sugar allows you to create the cake you want so much and let your imagination run wild, since you can create the most original designs you like the most.

With this delicious paste you can create a simple but charming design, being only one floor you can make the figure of a beautiful little whale with its fins, tail, face and even with the water that they come out of their hole to breathe.

Another great design you can make is to create a cake with 2 or 3 layers covering each one with sugar paste and creating the sensation of the waves of the sea, on its top you can also place a small whale figure for the cakes to finish off the exquisite cake. All this with a unique color combination related to whales and their natural habitat.

On the other hand, instead of covering the cake with cake fondant, you can cover the dessert with an edible wafer decorated with small whales, suitable for the party, where the waves of the sea will also be recreated throughout the cake and to finish with the details and give it a softer and more creative touch.

The birthday candles that you will place on it can vary depending on whether the birthday and the decoration of the cake is for a small age, someone older. But without a doubt, what will be best are the number candles in case your dessert is simple, this way they will stand out more. They can be accompanied by cake rockets or use candles with the rocket incorporated and their respective number.

Plan your whale-themed birthday party now and impress your guests! A tip? Give them a paper bag or birthday box filled with candies and a whale figurine. What’s the best original party you’ve ever thrown? Let us know in the comments below.

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