The sleepover, also called pajama party, is the night with friends par excellence. Contrary to what one might think, these parties are not reserved for teenage girls. It’s an opportunity to get together with friends in an intimate setting to party. So grab your invitation cards and enjoy a themed pajama party.

Adult sleepover: the best activities at home


To make your sleepover a memorable moment, certain activities are a must. They will allow you to spend a privileged moment with your guests and friends at home. To set the mood and enjoy your evening, here are the best activities to do before you slip into bed with a good movie.

Do you want to go back to childhood for a night? The “pajama party” theme is ideal for that! But you’re too old to have pillow fights and tell stories by the fire… So you’ll have to spice things up a bit by incorporating a few extra ingredients, especially for adults, into your costume pajama party!

1. The outfit

As for the kids, you can wear your favorite pajamas or wear your usual sleepwear! We get a rather singular guest panorama between the leopard print nighties, the basic boxer shorts / tee-shirts, and the terrycloth robes! In general, this makes for a pretty colorful mix.

If your wardrobe doesn’t contain the pajamas of your dreams, you can opt for a full-body suit that imitates an animal, a character that symbolizes your childhood, or- more gory- a bloody zombie pajamas… Cold sweat guaranteed!

2. The menu


You don’t need to change much from the kids’ menu, except maybe the quantities! You’ll probably have invited more people to your sleepover… So you’ll need to give your guests some strength. On the other hand, you can be a little more daring with your drinks by proposing original cocktails that remind, for example, of children’s tastes. Use colored syrups or spirits and give them symbolic names. You can even put some candies in them!

3. The animations

This is where the adult sleepover can be a little more extravagant than the kids’! Of course, music is essential to create a festive atmosphere. You can opt for the “dance party” version by playing a playlist of circumstances or for a “karaoke party”, which can prove to be very amusing if the guests play the game.

To immortalize the event, organize a small photo studio in the corner of your reception room. Provide your guests with a camera on a tripod and a myriad of crazy accessories… The result is often memorable! In addition, it will make you nice memories!

You can also organize games. Why not play “truth or dare” for a return to adolescence”. You can also opt for board games, there are different ones, and some are even created specifically for adults. Our recommendation a few sheets of paper, pens, drawings, and let’s go for a game of Pictionary.

4. The decoration


The theme of childhood is recurrent in “pajama parties”, often because the guests are themselves big children! Of course, the symbols of childhood differ from one person to another, but some elements are still essential. This is the case of pillows and duffel bags, candies, and balloons.

Take out of the closet or the attic all the objects you used when you were a child but which have disappeared today: record player, walkman, cassette player, Gameboy, Nintendo… After that, it’s up to you to embellish your room with lights, frills, feathers, and sequins. Be careful not to overload your decoration to leave room for your guests. The atmosphere must be cozy but not cluttered.

5. Dance and sing until the end of the night

What would a sleepover be without karaoke? This is one of the must-do activities of the evening. You can suggest to your guests to prepare a list of songs on paper and draw a title to be interpreted. Whether you’re a team or solo, with or without a microphone, you can find karaoke stations online to have fun at home.

Ideally, you should have a projection system or a screen large enough for everyone to follow the lyrics. For a successful karaoke party, you can also focus on decoration: disco balls, wigs, and kitschy accessories; anything goes. Dancing and singing during your sleepover is a great idea to ensure an atmosphere that lasts until the end of the night. Our advice, avoid high notes, and your neighbors will thank you.

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