For the organization of different kinds of outdoor events, the reception tent is the right solution to adopt. However, make sure the weather will be nice. Some models on the market have a good seal, while others are modular and versatile. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of our best tips for choosing a tent for your party.

The different types of party tents

Tips for Partying Without a Hangover

There are different kinds of reception tents at this expert in community equipment, and the choice depends on the reception and the event. If you just need some shaded space so your guests can take a break, get a pop-up tent. It is also possible to use it to set up a cocktail bar.

In case you are organizing a chic event, our advice is to choose a pergola tent which is of particular elegance. It is distinguished by its pointed roof and its pyramid shape. The reception marquee is suitable for everyone to celebrate. It is both resistant and spacious, and it can replace the dining room. It can accommodate cutlery, chairs, tables, a podium, and a dance floor.

Consider the type of event to organize

In order to find the right reception tent, the type of event to be organized is the first thing to consider. In the case of a seminar or a wedding, opt for the barnum tent or the pagoda tent. They are both modular and customizable according to your needs. For decoration, you are spoiled for choice: canopy, crystal interlining, etc.

If it is a birthday party or a family meal, it is better to choose the stretch tent. It is highly resistant to strong winds and UV rays. It also supports fire by belonging to the M2 rental tent. The stretch tent is available in several shapes to suit your needs.

To organize a cocktail, the best is to use the tent on the deck. It is a structure that can be installed with or without a floor and on flat ground. It’s easy to customize to your liking. In the case of an evening, do not hesitate to use garlands to improve the lighting.

For a private reception, an inauguration, a gala dinner or any dressy event, the silhouette tent is the most appropriate. To bring more comfort, the installation of heating or parquet is possible. Depending on the number of guests at your event, you can use one or more. Your guests won’t even notice that they are different structures.

To bring more originality to your event, choose the geodesic dome. It is an easy-to-assemble structure. You can customize it according to your requirements. If you are looking for a reception tent that is suitable for all types of events, bet on the crystal tent. It fits very well with the surrounding landscape. In addition, with this kind of party tent, you have a beautiful view of the outside.

Choose the right format.

Whatever type of party tent you have selected, the formats are varied. To obtain an area of 16m², for example, choosing a 2×8 m rectangular tent or a 4×4 m model is ideal. The shapes also vary depending on the space available. For any type of reception, the height of the tent should not exceed 3 m. For a seated event, count 1 m² per person. Whereas if it is a standing reception, allow 1 m² for 2 guests.

Choose the right style


The reception tent comes in many models, such as the arched tent. It is both elegant and light. You can even provide a catering area. There is also the bi-pitch tent, the mono-pitch tent, the shelter and the pagoda. The choice of style also goes through the selection of the dress for the reception tent. Several options are available: opaque, translucent, crystal or transparent. Despite these various tips, if you are still having trouble finding the right model, contact a company specializing in party tent rental.

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