Yes, it’s a party! Who doesn’t like that? But throwing a party for a bunch of sugar-hungry bullies? How do you do it? This blog will give you some helpful tips for throwing a spectacular kids’ party.

How Many Kids to Invite to the Party?

The birthday boy naturally wants all of his friends to be there on this important day. There is no set answer, and the number of people varies greatly from family to family. This is great because you can choose what you prefer.

Choosing Together

You can also choose together with your children. It can be complicated with a large group, it’s impractical, and it costs money. Leave the choice to the birthday boy or girl. You can go somewhere with a small group of just his/her best friends, or you can invite more people and play soccer on the front lawn as an example.

Party Activities

The party has already begun! The walls are already hung with garlands and balloons, the cake is ready, and the tables are set. But… What are you actually going to do? This also depends a bit on the wishes of the children. If the child insists on going to the playground or to the pool, and you are okay with that, then the bulk of the day is already set.

Planning a treasure hunt, on the other hand, requires preparation. Therefore, think well in advance about what you want to do. Creating a route map, suggesting challenges here and there, and having the children complete them is also fun. Anything goes, as long as it has a good story.

Craft Activities at the Party

Each child can immerse himself or herself in his or her own craft. So at a children’s party, have everyone make something.

  • Decorating photo frames
  • Make bracelets
  • Make an Indian headdress
  • Decorate a bag
  • Make a mosaic
  • Paint a flowerpot

Open the Presents

Start the party by unpacking. This is especially useful if you have young children under 6 years old. Doing this at the beginning will relieve tension and everyone will know which presents belong to whom. Also, you won’t suddenly find all the gifts lying around later. If you decide to do the gifts in the afternoon, you can write the names of the generous donors on paper with a felt-tip pen.
Prepare trash bags to hold the paper packing materials, so the house does not explode.

Free Gift Parcel photo and picture

How Do You Deliver Invitations for Children’s Parties?

Most parents say to send invitations two weeks in advance, as there may be some adjustments that need to be made, such as babysitting pickups and drop-offs, or sports cancellations. It is not very convenient to distribute invitations in a classroom where some children are not invited. And let’s be honest… Today, a nice email invitation can be very practical, too.

Choose a Theme for Your Children’s Party!

All the kids are invited, but …… What are we going to do now? Of course, it depends on what the birthday person wants. One wants to ride ponies, the other wants to go on a treasure hunt. The best way to find out for sure is to just ask. Once you’ve decided on the main event, think of all the garlands, bells, and whistles surrounding it. In short, you can make it as big as you want.

Cooking for a Children’s Party

There is usually lots of food at a children’s party, including cake. Our advice is to make sure you have a main dish. And don’t forget to eat something despite the hustle and bustle!

Free Dessert Pastries photo and picture

Do you have any other tips? Share it with us in the comments below!

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