Planning a party for your children already has its share of things to think about. And it can become a daunting task when you need to find ways to keep them entertained during the event but don’t know how. Just relax! We’ve got you covered! In this article, we’ll provide you with a list of 6 exciting games for your children’s birthday party! Enjoy the ideas!

1. Don’t Let It Fall

A super fun game that every little ones will love is the famous Don’t Let the Balloons Fall. This game requires inflated balloons, the number of balloons is not important, the more the merrier. The facilitator asks all the children participating in the game to find a place where they can stand and from where they can’t move.

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The facilitator then gives the children two balloons each, which they must throw so that they do not fall to the ground. The balloons can be thrown with any part of the body. If a ball falls to the ground, the child closest to it is eliminated from the game. The game continues in this manner until there is a winner. The children are not allowed to move during the game, so it is quiet in nature but very entertaining. The facilitator must keep an eye on where the ball falls to the ground throughout the game.

2. Find Your Pair

The children are divided into pairs and the facilitator asks each pair to agree aloud on the animal they will represent, i.e., on the sound of the animal they will imitate. The pairs must represent different animals. All pairs are then blindfolded and must find their pair by imitating the sound of the agreed upon animal.

3. Guess Who

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The child who will be the neighbour sits with his/her back to the other children who are sitting in the semicircle. One of the children on the half-wheel, trying to change his voice, says out loud: “Hello, neighbour Tad” (must say the name of the child who turned away). The child who is turned away has to try to guess from the voice who greeted him. If they guess, they change places, if not, they keep guessing.

4. Do Not Touch the Ball

The players are evenly distributed, sitting on different sides of the field. Any number of balls are placed on the field (if you don’t have any, other objects are fine). Players must note where the objects are placed. At the referee’s signal, a player from the team closes his eyes (or is blindfolded) and tries to move to the other side of the fi eld without disturbing the balls or other objects placed there. If he succeeds, his team receives a point; if not, no point is awarded. The player of the other team is next. The game continues in this manner until all players on each team have passed.

5. Do It While Walking

Players sit in a circle. The facilitator asks each player to complete a task in turn by walking to the centre of the circle. There should be no repetition of tasks. Players can perform tasks such as saying the name of a book, solving a puzzle, giving advice to a friend, etc. It all depends on the ingenuity of the facilitator. A point may be awarded to the players who do best.

6. Truth or False

The facilitator asks all the children in turn questions, which must necessarily be related to the children participating in the game. The children have to answer quickly, choosing either the answer “true” or the answer “false”. The game can be played until there is only one winner. Alternatively, the game can be played with all the children answering in a chorus, but in this case the facilitator should rate the children who he/she thinks were more likely to tell the truth and less likely to lie.

Do you know any other fun games that can be played during kids’ birthday parties? Share your ideas with us in the comments below.

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