Covid-19 has made life more complicated than it already was. While we’re in and out of confinement, we tend to forget about our children’s birthday parties. But who says we can’t celebrate our kids even in quarantine? Are you one of those parents who wonder what to do to make sure it’s not just another day and that you can celebrate the apple of your eye?

Here are some ideas to help you plan your little ones’ celebrations to make them even more special while you are away from everyone else.


A Birthday Parade

Celebrating Milestone from a Distance: Family, friends host parade to honor  Hamburg resident's 50th birthday | News |

If your kids are excited to see their friends, organize a birthday parade. The friends’ parents can drive them slowly past your house at an agreed-upon time, while you stand outside waving and maybe even chatting (from a distance). You can have them decorate their car in a festive way to make the event even more fun! For safety reasons, it’s best to throw such a party if you live in a house on a quiet country road.

Decorate the House

Make sure your child wakes up and is happy to see the house decorated with balloons, flags, streamers and a large sign with their name and wishes. You can order a party from your home: a bouquet of balloons, a box of cupcakes or your favorite foods from a restaurant.

A Virtual Party for Kids

Quarantine Birthday Ideas for Kids, Plus Invites To Match - STATIONERS

Since we all have to stay home during a coronavirus pandemic, why not throw an online themed party with a live broadcast of your favorite character? Invite your child’s favorite character – from Supergirl to Elsa, from Spider-Man to Star Wars – to a virtual party.

An Online Party Games

Isn’t it every parent’s dream: a fun, mess-free party! Similar to the previous idea, host your own online party using a video conferencing app like FaceTime, HouseParty, Messenger Video, Google Hangouts or Zoom but with games.

You can even play party games like Disco! “Stop!” Game. You dance to the beat of the music and when it stops, everyone must freeze immediately. Anyone who fails to freeze…is out of the game. Scavenger Hunt. Let each guest run around and find, for example, a soft, fluffy object at home, take it to the computer and show it to their friends on the other side of the screens. Have the kids sing “Happy Birthday” while your child blows out the candles.

Order a Personalized Message from a Star

Surprise your kids by ordering a personalized greeting from one of your favorite stars on Cameo. Choose from thousands of actors, musicians, comedians, gamers and other celebrities who will be happy to record a personalized message for your little birthday kid.

Relive Memories by Looking at Photos

Relive your best memories with new features from Google Photos

Sit down as a family and look at photos from vacations, past birthdays and other occasions, or just fun activities. After all, we don’t often have time to look at the many photos we have together, so this can be a special tradition for your child’s birthday. It might also give you ideas of things you can do together after the pandemic.

A Family Pizza Party

Ordering a pizza at home is easy, but getting the whole family together to make their own pizza – yes, and dough – will be a memorable attraction. Kids love the hands-on experience of mixing, kneading and rolling the dough and adding desired toppings. And the food tastes so much better when it’s made together.

Create a Birthday Movie with His/Her Friends’ Greetings

Ask all your child’s friends to send you a video with a greeting. You can ask them fun questions about your child or gather a collection of their Tik Tok dance clips. Make a short video from this material so that the birthday child can remember each year how their friends greeted them during the pandemic.

This ideas should inspire you to make your child’s special day even more special. Don’t forget to let us know how it went in the comments below.

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