Room Reservation: How to Book a Room


 – How to book a room?

 – Booking a room: when?

 – Privatize a guest room for a party with family or friends

Think about booking a room several months before an event.
When you want to rent a room, you must think about reserving it; otherwise, it will be leased to other people. Without your reservation, the organizers have no guarantee of having a room on the day of the event.

How to reserve a room?

The client is required to:

 – make a reservation request;

 – pay a deposit.

Reservation request

The modalities for requesting a reservation vary according to the owners.

Some owners require a written reservation request, while for others, an oral reservation request by phone or e-mail is sufficient.

In all cases, the reservation request must mention

 – the name of the room desired,

 – the nature of the event organized,

 – the date and duration of the event,

 – the number of participants expected.

Following the reservation request, the room owner can then transmit the general rental conditions to the tenant, which will be applied upon reservation confirmation.

Payment of a deposit

The owner requires a deposit to confirm a room reservation, which varies according to the room’s price.

In general, the deposit requested at the time of reservation corresponds to 50% or 30% of the room rate.

In case of cancellation, the owner can keep all or part of the deposit according to the conditions he will have previously informed the tenant.

Then, the totality of the room price can be required at the handing-over of the keys or with the reception of an invoice a few weeks before the date of the event.

Room reservation: when?

The date on which it is advisable to reserve a room varies according to

 – the nature of the event,

 – the type of room desired,

 – the period when the event takes place,

 – the desired location.

In general, to obtain the desired room, it is preferable to book several months in advance.

When to book?

For what?

1 to 1.5 years in advance

– Weddings organized between April and September;
– trendy venues;
– halls in large cities.

Several months in advance

– Most reception halls, for all events of the type:
◦ birthday;
◦ family reunion;
◦ seminar;
◦ corporate meal, etc.

Several weeks in advance

– Weekday events such as:
◦ meeting;
◦ conference;
◦ various meals, etc.

Privatize a guest room for a party with family or friends

Indeed, the idea is a bit original, but some people have already done it before you. You can certainly rent a guest room to celebrate a birthday, celebrate a particular event, or simply watch soccer games with friends.

Why bed and breakfast?

Room Reservation

A private party is an opportunity to surround yourself with your loved ones. It offers the privacy of a home in a different setting. Whether it’s a child’s birthday party or an adult’s birthday party, bed and breakfast is an excellent package to gather and have fun.

Many may think that a party in bed and breakfast would be more expensive, but this is not necessarily the case. The cost can be comparable to a rental.

Unlike a hotel, you will enjoy a slightly more intimate atmosphere, but with the service of professionals. For example, you can hire a caterer and order a themed cake online.

You can place your order directly online and have it delivered by an express service at the right time. For a birthday party, for example, you can order a themed cake according to the age of the main person involved. If it is to watch a soccer game, a soccer cake would be a good idea.

Things to consider before booking a bed and breakfast

Before making your reservation, you should consider the following:

– Age of your guests

– The services of the establishment

– The maximum number of guests

– The facilities available

– The presence or not of a catering service

– The party room, if it is well equipped or not.

Once you have considered all these criteria, you will not be surprised.

Some ideas for activities to enrich the event

Do you like outdoor activities? You can organize a bike ride, a hiking trip, a tree climbing session or a campfire to mark the event.

For a birthday party, you can organize workshops, various games (karaoke, treasure hunt, angling, etc.), cultural outings, etc. If it’s an adult birthday party, why not organize a DJ party?

Hope this post helps you decide on your room reservation for your next event! Remember to share your experience in the comments below. 

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