Spending a night away from home, sleeping over at a friend’s house, is a very exciting activity for the little ones in the house. If you decide to have a sleepover, keep in mind that you can’t invite a lot of children – unless you have a very large house – and that you should explain to them that after 10 o’clock in the evening, shouting and running around are not allowed so as not to disturb the neighbours. Not having ideas on the games that you can do? Chill! We’re here to help! In today’s article, we bring you 10 games that will guarantee fun for all. Enjoy!

1. The Pillow War

A classic among classics. Remove anything that might be in danger, sound the alarm and let the kids unleash their warrior fury. In this game, there are no winners because everyone ends up exhausted.

2. A Night of Terror

Put a sheet in their room as if it was a tent – you can hold it up with a broomstick – turn off the lights, give them a small flashlight and have everyone climb into this makeshift teepee. By the light of the flashlight, they will have to tell the scariest stories they can think of. You can start the story with an introduction and have the other children add a sentence in turn. They will be scared to death!

3. Can You See It or Can’t You See It?

Darkness will be your best friend in this game. Have a gymkhana throughout the house, hiding clues in different places and giving them a single flashlight to look for. You can hide to scare them or save the traps to give the game more excitement. The last clue will lead them to the long-awaited prize: a board game for fun, treats to share for dinner…

4. To the Blind Bed

If you have a big house and you can offer a bed to each of the little ones that come to your party, don’t bother making their bed because we will take the opportunity to play with them. Cover their eyes and make sure they can’t see anything. Give them a set of sheets. The other kids have to tell him how to make his bed so it doesn’t become a mess. The kid who does the best job wins.

5. Ready, Set, Run!

Will your son and his friends be sleeping in bags on the floor? Then let’s have a sack race in the hallway! If the hallway isn’t wide enough to accommodate them all at once, run one at a time and see who takes the least time. Even if they won’t sleep in bags, you don’t have to give up this game. You can give them a sheet, fold it in half and use it as a bag.

6. A Cool Costume

Gather a bunch of props and old clothes and put them in a trunk. Cover the kids’ eyes and give them 15 seconds to grab everything they can from the trunk. Uncover their eyes and give them time to put on what they have grabbed. Afterwards, have a fashion show in these wacky outfits.

7. Mirrorless Makeup

One eye shadow, one blush and one lipstick. Put all the cosmetics on the table. In turn, and still without using a mirror, the girls will have to put on their makeup as best as they can. The one who does the best will win.

8. The Rotating Nail Polish

Gather nail polishes of different colors and arrange the girls in a circle. Take the first nail polish and spin it. When it stands up, the girl it designates must paint the first nail on her left hand with it. Do the same in turn until everyone has done their manicure. You will see the result!

9. Karaoke Night

Search YouTube for videos with lyrics that everyone knows, make homemade microphones and organize a team karaoke. As a jury, give points to those who sing the best to see who wins.

10. Who’s Snoring Here?

This game will run throughout the night. Place a tape recorder in the room where the kids are resting to see if anyone snores. Can they identify the snorer? Whoever snores the loudest wins.

Here you are! With these games you are sure that your child’s sleepover party will be a real success. How about you? Do you have any other ideas? Share them in the comments below.

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