Do you need to plan a party for your adolescent who is between 14 to 17 years old but don’t know how to proceed? We’re here to help! Young people between the ages of 14 and 17 is rather a special age group! They are, in fact, boys and girls who feel autonomous and independent even though they are not yet officially adults and who would like to be grown up, even though they still have similar tastes and needs to those of younger people. Let’s see together how to proceed; keep reading.

The Theme of the Party

This is the first element to think about, the first choice to make. For an intense, unforgettable party, adapted to their style and character, you need a theme, a subject around which all the elements can revolve and converge. The theme is personal, it must resonate with your child’s personality and tastes and must be made clear and obvious so that everyone, immediately, adapt to him/her. Themes are, for example, art, cinema, a historical or sports character, a famous brand, a philosophical concept, a lifestyle, a color, a state, a book…


The choice of the location is not an obvious subject for a party like this. Indeed, you must take into account the time of the party, the number and age of the guests, their ability to move around and reach the place independently, but also the theme of the party and the type of activities you intend to propose. In general, we opt for a party hall, or a garden, a tavern but also a room for seniors.

Food and Drink

This is one of the least relevant topics for a high school party, in the sense that unless the theme of the party has to do specifically or particularly with food, the advice we give is not to invest too much on this aspect: it will end up being a varied and abundant buffet, with proposals suitable for all and adhering to the theme of the party.

As for the cake: the birthday cake is a great classic, you can personalize it with a printed cake or replace it with something else: an ice cream, a sandwich filled with sweet or salty numbers, a mountain of cupcakes or macaroons or a cake-composition of chocolates and candies.

And for the drink, better choices that are also suitable for minors!


The decoration of the room is a subject on which there are different tastes: the boys usually prefer to have only a hint, perhaps with balloons in the shape of a number and a little more, the girls pay more attention to this aspect and perhaps invest more. The only advice from us is to follow the theme chosen for the party and create a comfortable and exciting environment, considering that usually applies the equation that the cheaper a place is, the more it must be decorated and embellished.

The decoration of the table, on the other hand, follows the wave of the food: it will be treated and made more obvious, the more important and original the food proposal.


And here we are at the climax of the party, the most important element we could say. What are you doing? How do you spend the evening?

Usually, music is an important part of the entertainment and whether it’s a live band, DJ or background music, we always recommend taking care of this element as it can really create an atmosphere that you can’t give up at this age!

As for the activities to be organized, the choice here is as wide as possible for this age group that can really afford anything: from bumper car competitions to nightclubs, from renting a clothing store for a fashion party to the participation of a comedian, a mime.

But also the merry-go-round, the stadium, an orchestra, a make-up course, a henna tattoo workshop!

The only requirement is that the party be different: not just an ordinary evening of doing what you usually do! A different experience for the guests, a particular role for each one, a challenge, a taste of something new, unusual.

If you follow those tips you can be sure to throw a successful party and lasting memories. Do you have any other ideas? Share them in the comments below.

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