If a party with hundreds of guests in a large venue is a bit too much for you, an intimate wedding reception with only a few close friends and family is ideal.

The choice of a wedding with fewer guests is not necessarily reduced to a financial issue, but rather a “style” that deviates from the traditional way of thinking about a wedding reception. It is ideal for those who prefer a warmer, more personal atmosphere where they can spend more time with their guests and pamper them a bit. Because there are so few, you can pay a larger budget on attention to detail, such as a jazz quintet or sophisticated gifts.

Choose a Wedding Planner

If you want every detail of your intimate wedding to be perfect, hire a professional. Although seemingly easy, it is not certain that such a ceremony will not ensure a level of difficulty or unpleasant surprises, especially bureaucracy, so look for someone who is already an expert in intimate weddings or weddings in general with few guests.

This is because, if you make the unusual choice of inviting fewer guests to make your wedding unforgettable, a more unique location is often preferred and is more exclusive or requires specific permissions. A wedding planner can simplify and guide things for you.

Decorations and Buffet

As there are fewer guests, the budget can be kept low, and you may be able to focus only on what you like.

You can therefore have special decorations, a florist to prepare breathtaking floral decorations, and a dazzling lunch and wedding buffet menu.

The food, the location, the flowers, the candles, nothing should be overlooked! Let go of any doubts and choose the best of the best.

A wedding reception buffet can be as elegant and delicious as you want it to be with a little ingenuity. A reception buffet can be just as perfectly presented as a seated buffet.

For example, you can have a centrally located buffet row to allow guests to self-serve from either side of the table, making it easier and quicker to get the meal started.

The bride and groom should always consider the diversity of their guests’ tastes and offer a wide range of choices so that even those with unusual dietary preferences can enjoy the reception. And by offering both traditional comfort foods and exotic gourmet delicacies, everyone can enjoy their favorite dishes and try new ones.

The Perfect Location

The most important aspect of an intimate wedding, besides the bride and groom, is the choice of venue for the wedding.

The Beach

There’s nothing better than to have an intimate wedding on the beach, perhaps at sunset, on the beach, with the sea breeze blowing and the sun warming you.

Free photos of Beach

Escape To The Hills

Choose a hillside location, such as Tuscany, Monferrato, a medieval village in central Italy, or a charming town somewhere else.

Many hillside locations offer breathtaking views and the serenity of a place still over time, without the hustle and bustle of the city, and proper attention to their clients.

An intimate wedding allows you to savor the moment while relaxing for a few days in a fairy-tale atmosphere.

Intimate Wedding Themes

Have you ever planned a themed wedding? If you have a small number of guests, it is effortless to succeed. Even your guests will be fine. You can certainly request a dress code without fear of their adverse reaction. There are many things you can consider. Some ideas are traditional: the ocean, the mountains, a rustic atmosphere, a country wedding. But you can also choose a Harry Potter themed wedding, mermaids, unicorns, etc. Choose the theme that best reflects your commitment and personality.

Do you have any other tips? Share it with us in the comments below!

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