The notion of event covers important occasions, organized by professionals for a target audience and well defined in advance. This public can be composed by private individuals within the framework of a B2C (Business to Consumer) event, or by professionals within the framework of a B2B (Business to Business) event. A quality event organization requires efficient equipment adapted to its size. Discover in this article the essential equipment for a perfect event.

What Are the Different Essential Pieces of Equipment for an Event?

The equipment needed depends on the type of event, size, and location. But in general, these equipment can be classified in 2.

On the one hand, there are the general facilities:

First, the medicalized equipment that allows responding to possible health emergencies. This includes an ambulance and professional medical staff.

Secondly, the safety equipment used to mitigate the dangers that may arise. These equipments are safety nets and security guards. Fire extinguishers and a fire truck are also required if the event is to be animated by fireworks.

Special Audiovisual Equipment

First, the sound equipment is used to broadcast sounds with great power in a large space. They should be as complete as possible. These are:

-the microphone, which converts the acoustic sources into an electrical signal

-the mixing desk, which pre-amplifies the electrical signal

-the effects, which modify or correct the sound to be more transparent

-the equalizers that correct the global response of a speaker

-the filtering, it separates the signal into various frequency bands

-the limiter, it protects the loudspeakers from the risks of destruction

-the amplifiers which increase the voltage of the signal and deliver regulated impedances

-Loudspeakers, which are small boxes with several loudspeakers, used for the reproduction of sound from an electrical signal

-Cables and signal transmission, they carry many signals over long distances.

-Flight cases, which are robust boxes that protect the sound equipment.

Secondly, the video equipment serves to capture the best moments of the event and every detail of its progress. These materials are the different camcorders, cameras, video lenses, drones, giant screens, etc. But the important thing is to keep a stable image. For this, it is advisable to use a stabilizer, a steadicam, a slider (rail) and a tripod.

Thirdly, the lighting equipment. They are composed of reflectors (redirect the light according to your wishes), softbox (produces a soft and natural light), LED panels (to reinforce the lighting), and mandarins (bring warm colors). They highlight the scenes and ensure the quality of the video.

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For What Types of Events Are These Equipment Essential?

These equipment are essential for all types of events, including cultural events such as festivals, shows, theaters, concerts, and operas, and religious events such as open-air services. They are also crucial for large-scale sports events, such as an international championship, and commercial and marketing events, such as trade fairs and exhibitions. Finally, they are required for political events, such as a pre-election political debate.

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