Emojis trend is here to stay! And if a birthday is coming up, why you don’t think about creating an emoticon decoration for that party?

It’s what’s in style and will be for a long time to come, especially for youngsters. Just leave a smartphone in their hands for a moment and they will fill it with messages with smileys, kisses or hearts.

More than a trend, they have become a form of communication that we all use every day. In fact, we’ve even seen them in movies too.

Don’t know how to proceed when planning an emojis birthday party? Not to worry! Here you will find plenty of decoration ideas to throw the emojis party of the year. Read on!

Emojis Invitations

They came into your life without you realizing it, and it’s stronger than us, emojis help us to convey feelings. And now we can’t live without them in our daily lives. In fact, they can’t be missed in our instant messages or on social networks. In a short time, emojis have become great allies in birthday party themes and have conquered our conversations. Sometimes an emoji is worth a thousand words: the face with hearts in the eyes, the heart symbol, the monkey that covers the mouth, the eyes that look up, the thumbs up, they make our lives easier.

That’s why it’s become a popular theme to have an emoji birthday party at home or outside. If you want to have a different emoji party, here we give you the best tips. A fun way to invite friends to the party is to do it with a card in which the protagonists of the text are emoticons.


We have good news, at the next emoji party you organize, these characters will come to life. If the party is at your house, the emojis will occupy your couch, your closet, your walls, and anything else they can. Your house will look like so much fun! Emoticons are insatiable. So don’t resist: open the door and let them in.

Outside Decorations

If the party is held outside, we also bring you incredible suggestions to organize the event of the year. If there is one color that should predominate in the yellow decoration for a party. You can choose to make those fun faces with large lemon colored paper birthday pom-poms to which you can add stickers with eyes, smiles and hearts. Another option is to draw faces with permanent balloon markers. Whether at the reception or at the departure, ask your guests to take a photo of the memory in a beautiful photocall, add some emojis stuck on sticks with which the children can take beautiful pictures.

Very cool props can be wigs, also glasses with winks or hearts and some hashtag messages to wish the birthday boy or girl congratulations. The photos will be great.

Surprise Your Guests

If you’re wondering how to decorate your birthday party with emoticons to surprise your guests, create little emojis to hang on your walls, doorknobs, or wherever you want. You can make circles and spray paint the faces, or use cork, cardboard, whatever is at your fingertips and within your creativity.

An Original Piñatas

The idea of finding original piñatas of this theme at a low price can be the key to your decoration.

Any self-respecting and fun party needs a great piñata. Here you can even make it yourself, very easily, you will only need some cardboard circles, glue, balloon wire to hang it and tissue paper. Everything is ready for the candy shower to begin.

Here you go! With those original ideas you can be ready to plan a wonderful emojis themed party. Do you want more tips? Come back to check the second part of our article for more suggestions.

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