Successful Birthday Party Planning (Part 1)


 Are you planning a birthday party for a friend or a spouse’s 40th birthday? It’s not always easy when the task complicates a busy day! Invitations, theme, meal, cake… Prepare the party in advance and follow some simple tips to ensure the party is just right on the day.

 You have hit the correct title! This post will bring all the information you need to organize a birthday party successfully.

 1. Make a checklist to organize the birthday party

Birthday Party Checklist

 To make sure you don’t forget anything, make a checklist of everything you need to have and do to make the party go smoothly.

 – Choose the date.

 – Choose a location.

 – Make a guest list.

 – Set the theme.

 – Prepare and issue invitations

 – If you are using outside services (room rental, sound system, etc.), book them 2 or 3 months before the date

 – Plan music and lighting, decorations, activities and gifts; make lists for everyone.

 – Make the menu and shopping lists.

 – Divide the tasks if you have help.

 – 1 month before the date, reconfirm rentals.

 – 1 week before, order the cake and do the shopping.

 – Remind guests who have not confirmed their presence.

 – The night before, cook and prepare everything that you can prepare:

 ◦ set up and check sound system, lights,

 ◦ prepare the petit fours and a supply of ice cubes,

 ◦ put the bottles in the cooler,

 ◦ start decorating.

 2. Make a guest list


 Before anything else, outline the type of birthday party you want to have.

 – Do you want an authentic meal or a self-serve buffet?

 – Are you planning on dancing?

 – Do you want an intimate setting or a large party?

 – What is your budget? Are you taking care of it or involving your friends?

 Establish the first list of guests based on these elements: you will need an estimate to plan the menu and choose the venue.

 3. Choose a location for the party

 Per square meter, there are usually 2 guests standing, 1 dancing. Adjust the size of the venue or the number of guests to suit your needs.

 If you rent a place

 In addition to finding a venue for the party, think about the accommodation options near the party location.

 – Restaurants, hotels, clubs and bars frequently rent rooms. Don’t hesitate to ask any place you like about rental rates: barges, tea rooms, mills, farms, bookstores, gyms, wine cellars, and stores may agree to rent their premises for an evening.

 – Ask about insurance and any limitations of the venue, especially in terms of noise and hours.

 – Explore the area around the reception hall: if there are many guests, it should be possible to sleep nearby, ideally without driving. List the B&Bs, hotels and guest houses.

 – If some guests are coming with children, a place with a closed room will allow you to place small beds.

 If you organize the birthday party at home

 At home, it is essential to define the spaces accessible to guests and those that remain private.

 – Plan a space dedicated to coats, scarves, hats…

 – If there are a lot of guests, clear the corridors and unclutter the place as much as possible. Lock the access to the rooms you wish to keep private.

 – Don’t forget to inform the neighbours!

This post will now continue in part 2. Stay posted and allow me to tell you this post is incomplete without your participation, so remember to share your views in the comments below.

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