Carousel are fun for people of alThe goal of planning a birthday party is always to organize an original party. In addition to choosing the menu and drinks, renting lights and dishes, and preparing invitations, you also have to worry about the activities that will animate the party. Why not install a fairground ride in your backyard? So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the things you ought to know about renting a carousel for a birthday party.

Rent a carousel to please the little ones


Do you want to amaze the little guests at a children’s birthday party? Create a festive atmosphere like at a funfair. Even the idea of a cute carousel brings joy to children, so make them happy by renting a real carousel. Don’t hesitate to invite your audience to a fun fair, whatever the season. Yes, rides can be rented even in winter. Set up in the open air, a carousel is ideal for lovers of heights and shared laughter.

You’ll find that even grown-ups will be tempted to have fun on a merry-go-round. Riding on it takes them on a nostalgic ride. It is suitable for young and old, boys and girls. Children as young as 2 years old can already enjoy playing on the merry-go-round. So don’t hesitate to turn your garden into a tiny fair.

Moreover, the installation of a merry-go-round does not entail any particular constraints. Its bright colors, attractive visuals, and lively music will only create great excitement for the kids. Even parents will enjoy watching their children enjoy themselves.

Where can I find a ride to rent?

To find a ride to rent for a day:

  • Turn to a ride rental specialist.
  • Find a provider who guarantees that the equipment is in excellent condition, insured, and in good standing.
  • Always ask for quality carousels and chairs if you want to rent equipment for a few hours.
  • They must always meet the strictest safety requirements.

In addition, the service should include transportation, assembly, and personnel to ensure the safety of the equipment, maintenance, and dismantling. You also have the possibility to rent a carousel operated by remote control. This way, you can lead the way: you start the music and pause it whenever you want. Carousel rental companies know that many homes don’t have enough space to accommodate large carousels.

So they offer small structures such as mini rides measuring 3 meters by 2 meters. Too small, you say? They can have about ten seats. Micro-riders, the smaller version of the rides, can even be installed in your living room. Each mini merry-go-round is equipped with several figurines of all shapes: a little yes-yes car, a flower-shaped spinning top, horses, fish, etc. Your children will never want to leave. These types of rides are easily transported with a simple trailer.

What other activities can I expect besides the carousel?

To create a complete carnival atmosphere in your backyard, add other entertainment. Traditional candy and sweets will please the greedy ones. A hot dog stand, an ice cream machine, a cotton candy machine, popcorn, and many others will delight the children. With great entertainment, your party will surely be a success.

In addition to the booths, consider creating themed entertainment and asking all guests to dress up. For an even more fun birthday party, why not rent an inflatable structure: castle, course, or slides. Some parents even opt for fairground games, sports games, or games of skill to complete their children’s birthday party. All you have to do is choose the animation that suits your taste, the child’s taste, and your budget.

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