Having a piñata at your party is always a great idea! It is a fun way to entertain everyone and cheer up your guests. But, often, we don’t really know what to put inside. Not to worry! We’ve got you covered – that’s exactly what we tell you in today’s article. Enjoy!

What to Put in a Piñata?

To know exactly what to put in a piñata, just take into account the age of the guests and the type of party.

For example: if we are at a Disney-themed party, we can fill it with gifts and toys from Mickey, Frozen or any other cartoon. In addition, we should add trinkets or candy and any type of extra like cheap piñata toys. Confetti is usually one of the products that we introduce as a surprise effect, because when the piñata breaks, the gifts and children’s piñata filler that we added inside come out in addition to the confetti. It’s an even more festive and beautiful effect.

How to Fill a Piñata?

We will explain how to easily fill a cardboard piñata. By the time we start our party, we may have hundreds of ideas to put in a birthday piñata, but how to fill it? The main idea is to fill it with candy, something we all love and you are sure to succeed with, but you can also use other products like toys or small gifts to surprise your guests.

The most common celebrations are birthdays, communions and weddings. At these events, it is easy to come across children. For them, you can buy piñatas for kids that they will surely love.

The main objective is to break it. To do this, you need to tie it or hang it from an elevated surface. This can only be reached with the piñata stick, that is, blindfolded by our mask, which we will use to break it. The most common places to hang them are trees, porches or any other elevated surface where they can be tied. They are attached by a rope that is perfectly fixed to the structure.

Ideas of Things to Put in a Piñata

Today it is very easy to find piñatas for sale online with almost any cartoon of the moment or with themes for the elderly. But the important thing will be what you can put in a piñata.

Inside the piñata, you can put almost anything. You just have to consider the weight of the items, the size and how much you need to fill it. If we have 15 children, we can’t put only 3 gifts. For a low cost, we can buy all kinds of cheap and good quality items.

An original piñata filling is one that includes candy, piñata toys and confetti.

What to Put in a Piñata for Children?

Once you have found the place to put it, it is time to see how to fill a children’s piñata.

To be able to fill piñatas for children, you can use both candy, sweets and candy as products, as well as toys of their favorite characters.

Filling piñatas with candy and gummies is one of the best options. Everyone loves sweets, but the little ones are the biggest fans of piñata candy.

What Candy to Put in a Piñata?

When it comes to knowing how to put candy in a piñata, the mechanism is the same, open our piñata and introduce the candy. In this case, you need to consider what type of candy are the ones that your guests will enjoy the most.

The balls or candies for piñatas are one of the best items to fill our piñata. Some of the knockout soft candies you can use are:

  • sweet kisses
  • flavor bears
  • Clouds
  • Colored candies
  • Blackberries
  • Cocas

What to Put in a Piñata for Adults?

When it comes to how to fill a piñata for adults, you don’t have to think too hard, because we’re not that different from the little ones in the house, so piñata baubles are always a hit.

In this case, you can find adult piñatas for both men and women, as well as unisex themed designs and patterns.

There are a lot of people who are looking for a way to know what I can put in a healthy piñata. The answer is to fill it with festive toys and confetti. That way, you won’t have to fill it with candy or food.

All you have to do is choose the type of filling you want for your cardboard piñata.

There you go! With those tips your Piñata game should be a true success at your party. So for what occasion are you going to use it? Tell us all about it in the comments below.

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