Have you always swan lake? Do you just love swans and would love to throw a swan themed birthday party? Today is your lucky day! In this article, we’re going to show you how to celebrate a fun, beautiful and sweet swan’s birthday. It is suitable for both adult birthdays and children’s birthdays and first birthdays. Do you already know what you are going to use your swan birthday decoration for? If not then not to worry! There are plenty of ideas below! Read on!

Swans are elegant and sophisticated animals, and so will be the themed party decorations we offer.

We know if you are here it is because you don’t know how to plan your swan birthday party, but you have this blog that brings some very unique ideas and tips to help you throw a beautiful and perfect swan party. This party theme is great for the little ones in the house as well as the older kids. Everyone will love all the party accessories and we assure you that you will have a great party with your friends or family.

Table Decoration

Swan Birthday party / Birthday "Swan Princess Party" | Catch My Party

This time you can try to use single-use dishes, very successful especially if you do not want to waste time collecting later. And in this theme you cannot miss, because we are sure that each of them your cupcakes, cookies, lots of candy and chocolates will be great.

You can make yourself the table decoration in the shape of a swan with birthday plates and all the kitchen utensils, or buy them directly in a store.

The jellies you put on should go with the theme of the party as well, otherwise your decoration will not make sense.

You should:

  1. Know where you are going to hold the swans’ birthday party and what space you are going to use.
  2. It will be important to know what foods you will include on your table.
  3. Decide on colorful party decorations from cheap disposable tablecloths, plates and trays. You can easily find these containers in stores and once you have purchased them, you can decorate or customize them with original stickers.

Birthday Cake

The swan birthday cake should not be less, and that is why it will follow the theme of the party, and it should impress your guests.

They will drool just looking at your talent for culinary decorations!

We also show you several ways to make your swan cake, as we will show you this cake that you can make in just 5 steps. When you finish it, you won’t even feel like you made it!


  • We are going to make a big swan birthday cake so you will need to put together 2 or 3 bases, you can make it with the flavor you like the most.
  • You will cover it completely with white fondant.
  • Once the icing has cooled, you can start decorating. You will melt some chocolate and add some pink coloring, it’s better if it’s a very light pink.
  • Then you will carefully spread it on the cake, it should be similar to the one in the picture.
  • And now you can put cheap decorations, birthday cake flags, swan candles and anything else you want. You can also put a cloud of trinkets or candy in a pastel color to set it off. And, you already have your delicious, homemade and very easy cake!


We will have to deal with the decorations in detail, it will be important to know where we place them and how. And obviously, they will have to follow the same color line of the theme of the swan party.

That’s why we have chosen 2 ideas for swan birthdays with main colors. A light pink decoration for birthdays, because it is a delicate color, and also golden party decorations, which are elegant. With gold, you’ll have to make sure it’s small details, because otherwise it’s very ornate.

We are going to show you 3 top ideas of different decorations that you can make to decorate your swan themed party, they will be very original and easy to make. Let’s start with the crafts!

Wall of Flowers

This craft can be used for hundreds of occasions, not only as a cheap photobooth background or decoration for your swan party, but also to surprise the birthday girl. You can give it more than one use and that is a wall made of natural flowers or with a garland in the form of artificial flowers.

Feather Accessories for Guests

This idea will not take you much time because you can even find stores of artificial feathers that will help you.

To surprise your guests, you will need to bring cardboard, white glue, 3 white feather tassels and gold and pink cardboard. Once you have gathered all the materials, you will have to start making the silhouette of glasses, crowns, frames… whatever you want to give them.

Then you will put white glue on them and glue the feathers. When they have dried, you will start gluing the extra details. With the gold cardboard, you will make the silhouette of a swan.

Use of Balloons

We don’t stop here and that’s why the next idea to decorate your swan party is to buy cheap balloons and decorate every part of the space. You can browse the internet and get inspiration from the shaped balloon ideas and make a combination with the age of the birthday girl and encourage you to buy number balloons.

There you are! With those tips, we guarantee that you will throw the best Swan themed birthday party of the year. What was your best birthday memory so far? Share everything with us in the comments below!

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