Children consider their birthdays to be the most crucial time of the year. A magical and beautiful day when they become the center of attention. You can make this day even more spectacular by planning a fun party. Why not a fairy tale themed party?

Here are some tips to help you out!

What Should I Keep In Mind When Planning a Children’s Party?

To properly organize a children’s party, you must consider several things. First, you have to make several choices:

  • How many children can you invite?
  • How old will the children be?
  • Is the food for the party included?
  • Will you have to fetch the children yourself?

Once you have answered these questions, you can begin preparing for an unforgettable fairy tale party.

Ideas for a Fairy Tale Party

Gingerbread Man

The gingerbread man is a man made of cake, making him a very suitable figure for a fairy tale party. It is fun to prepare the gingerbread man in advance with cookie dough. You can let the children decorate and eat these at the start of the party, when the presents are also given to the birthday person. Children love to decorate their own cakes. They especially love decorating with whipped cream.

You can also brighten up the day even more by making fun shapes using pancake batter. Kids will be so happy with this delicious and 100% edible craft.

Great Treasure Hunt

Quests are always a good move, for children and parents alike. Children love searching in the woods, and parents truly enjoy the outdoors. Before starting the treasure hunt, have the children read a letter with hints on what to look for and how to find it.

In fairy tale treasure hunts, it is also fun to have the children look for familiar objects that appear in fairy tales. For example, the poison apple in “Snow White,” Cinderella’s crystal slipper, or Tom Thumb’s seven-league boot. The treasures can be anything; videos, materials, pancake man toys, etc., anything children can have fun with once they get home!

Movie Watching

Watching a movie is something that children enjoy, and it works well if you decide to have dinner with your children. While the children are watching the movie, you can prepare dinner in peace. Many fairy tales have been made into movies, and all of these options are ideal for fairy tale parties, especially if your child has always been active outdoors.

Don’t Forget the Boys

A fairy-tale-themed party is more of a girls’ thing, and the little boys often feel left out in this themed party. Therefore, plan fantastic entertainment for everyone, including the boys. For example, providing a princess castle for the girls and a knight’s room for the boys would be a good idea.

What to Serve at a Fairy Tale Party?

Children do not eat much, so a couple of magical appetizers are enough for a fairy tale party. The main dish can be pasta, which is always a hit with the kids! Even more so when the pasta has a fun shape!


No fairy tale party is complete without desserts. Cupcakes can easily be transformed into toadstools, a house in the woods inhabited by creatures and fairies from many fairy tales.

All you need are cupcakes (store-bought or homemade), red icing, red sprinkles, and white chocolate chips. You don’t have to be an expert in cupcake decorating to make this! Simply coat the cupcakes with red icing and place all of the red sprinkles in a small bowl. Gently press the top of the cupcake onto the sprinkles and roll the cupcake in the bowl until the entire top of the cupcake is covered with red sprinkles. This will help smooth out any imperfections in the icing. Next, insert a few white chocolate chips (tip down) into the red icing. Done! Place on a cake stand or sliced wood for a fairy-tale look.

Free photos of Cupcake

Have you ever organized a fairy-tale-themed party? Share your tips with us in the comments below!

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