How to Choose Your Wedding Petticoat


Wedding Petticoat: What is it for?

Different types of petticoats

Attachment of the wedding petticoat

Where to find your wedding petticoat and at what price?

The petticoat is one of the key accessories in the bride’s outfit. Made of light material such as tulle, taffeta, nylon or cotton, it gives volume and shape to the dress.

Petticoats can take several forms, each one adapting to the type of the chosen dress. We take a closer look at your wedding petticoat in this post.

Wedding petticoat: use?

A wedding petticoat ensures several functions:

– it keeps warm: its length prevents the air from slipping under the dress, so it is a great asset for a wedding taking place in winter;

– it isolates the skin of the skirt whose textile or seams can rub and cause irritations;

– it brings volume and shapes the skirt of the wedding dress.

Good to know: if the skirt of a dress is a little long, using a wider petticoat can avoid having to shorten it.

Different types of petticoats

Wedding Petticoat

A good petticoat fitted to the shape of the wedding dress can make it more elegant and complete. The most common models are:

– The single hoop petticoat is suitable for long and straight dresses.

– The petticoat with 2, 3 or 4 hoops is ideal for voluminous dresses such as “princess dress”.

– The mermaid petticoat is designed for mermaid wedding dresses that flare at the ankle and feet.

– The overskirt for train is ideal for the perfect support of a dress combined with a long train.

– The short petticoat for dresses that fall to the knee or slightly above.

Note: A petticoat with “frills” or “ruffles” can also add volume but must also consider the weight of the dress so as not to weigh down the ensemble.

Attachment of the wedding petticoat

The way the petticoat is attached allows it to be held around the waist. Several possibilities are then possible:

– an elastic band that will fit all sizes;

– a system of clips;

– a jersey yoke is the most comfortable solution and will avoid unsightly folds under the dress.

Like the dress’s fabric, the underskirt’s fastening system must be chosen with materials that do not risk rubbing or irritating the skin.

Where to find a wedding petticoat and at what price?

Wedding petticoats can be bought:

– In stores specializing in wedding dresses, going there allows being advised by professionals.

– In some major clothing brands, the choice is often limited to hooped petticoats.

– On the Internet, this alternative has the disadvantage of not being able to try the petticoat.

As for the wedding dress, the price of an underskirt depends on its size, shape, brand and colour. The average cost for a white petticoat is around:

– $10 to $30 for an entry-level white petticoat.

– $100 to $150 in bridal specialty stores.

– $200 and more for specific textiles or branded petticoats.

Please note: a wedding petticoat can also be second-hand, only used for the big day. You can find many second hands on the Internet.

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