The date of the pool party you are organizing is set, and the guest list is already drawn up. All that’s left is to decide on the furniture to put in place. However, you don’t know which furniture to choose? Rest assured, there is no lack of options. You will find in this article all the possible solutions to make this party more fun. But before that, it is essential to make a point about the material with which it is built.

The Ideal Material

The choice of material for the furniture to be installed at a pool party should not be overlooked. This will ensure the comfort of your guests and the success of your party.

Whether it is for a space dedicated to sunbathing or resting or to create a small dining area, you have many possibilities. For instance, there are  exotic wood, PVC, powder-coated metal, woven resin, and aluminum.

The Different Types of Furniture

Here is a list of essential furniture for a pool party:

Loungers and Deckchairs

Whatever the material they are made of, PVC, wood, or metal, these pieces of furniture always invite you to relax.

In addition to their primary function, loungers and deckchairs help to improve the visual aspect of your pool party. Moreover, these pieces of furniture can easily be integrated into this type of event. So you don’t have any difficulty finding a good location for them. But for a better look, you can install them at the edge of the pool.

Striped Deckchairs | Wooden Folding Striped Deck Chairs Aerobics Stripe |  The Stripes Company UK

The Chilienne

When we talk about pool party furniture, we often refer to the Chilienne. A must-have for this party, this type of furniture is very aesthetic and offers a more comfortable seat thanks to its slight slope.

Besides its aesthetic side, the Chilienne allows you to enjoy sunbathing, reading by the pool, and watching your children.

Generally speaking, the Chilienne is folding furniture, which does not occupy too much space.

To bring a touch of authenticity and attract the attention of your guests, choose well the patterns of the fabric of this furniture.

The Garden Bed

A pool party without a garden bed is like an orphan. Indeed, this furniture allows you to rest and add more aestheticism to your pool deck.

Whether it is fixed or adjustable and whatever its size, the garden bed always brings an exquisite touch to your party.

The Garden Lounge

Don’t hesitate to install a garden lounge for your guests to enjoy a relaxing break by your pool.

It would help if you chose a good place to install it because it is a rather cumbersome furniture. It is generally made of armchairs, a bench, and a coffee table.

Image result for teak garden lounge set | Garden furniture design, Patio  couch, Outdoor garden furniture


The Dining Table

Previously, the dining table was only reserved for gardens and terraces. But that has changed, as it now invites itself into a pool party.

But before you install it, make sure you choose the right size so that you can find a suitable place for it.

Pool Cushions

Acting as an outdoor bed as well as a deckchair, pool cushions allow you to enjoy the sun. They are very appreciated for their strong resistance to bad weather and their unusual design. Moreover, their fabric does not deteriorate quickly.

Relaxing, Loungers, Pool Side, Swimming Pool, Resort

This furniture is available in several colors and sizes, so a real asset to succeed your pool party.

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