I don’t know about you, but right now, I’m in a bad mood with this difficult period. More than a year that the theaters are closed, so while waiting to go back and not to let you down, I propose you organize an incredible movie and series night directly at home. I invite you to live an extraordinary experience, much better than the movie nights before COVID.

Do you need a fun evening to relax, alone, with your family, or just to connect with your friends? Movie night is especially recommended to meet your need. Instead of just scrolling through Netflix, throw yourself a great night out, don’t worry; it requires very little preparation. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of our tips for having a successful movie night.

1. Set a theme


Instead of mindlessly scrolling through your streaming channels to find a movie you’d like to watch, have fun setting a theme for your movie night. Choose a classic theme, such as your favorite TV shows, slapstick comedies, sports movies, westerns, action movies, or animated movies. You can also be creative and choose movies that take place in a certain era, like movies from the 80s or 90s.

You can also choose movies starring your favorite actor; you can also, for example, choose natural disasters or movies about royalty. Once you have chosen your theme, do 2-3 small searches on the internet, it can be on Pinterest, and start trying to find recipe ideas that could go with your theme; you can also search for decorations or even costume ideas.

2. Create a comfortable space for yourself

One of the benefits of watching a movie at home is being able to get comfortable. Take all your pillows and your super soft blankets so you can relax and be super comfortable during the movie. Don’t forget to turn off all the lights and close the curtains to create a real atmosphere, and don’t forget the candles.

Don’t forget to change into your sweatshirt or loose-fitting pajamas. Tip: if possible, you can even place all your blankets and pillows on the floor to create a super cozy space to snuggle up in. If you’re planning on having a lot of movie nights, you can invest in some beanbags, and you might even consider buying a projector or even speakers.

3. Choose your movies


This step is often the hardest part of organizing the party! If you’ve chosen a theme beforehand, you’ll have less trouble choosing which movies or series to watch. If you are stuck, I can advise you on different websites that can help you find The film for your relaxing evening.

Google film and find one that offers movies that meet the emotions you want to feel while watching your movie. If you plan to organize a movie night with friends or family, ask everyone to write down their movie ideas on a few pieces of paper and then organize a small draw.

4. Make your favorite snacks

The coolest step, folks! What’s a good movie night without delicious snacks? Order takeout from your favorite restaurant and pop the popcorn. For something sweet, go for your favorite cookie dough flavor, or better yet, choose one that fits the theme of your night: I recommend peanut butter cookie dough for your Hollywood movie nights, brownie cookie dough for movies that revolve around chocolate, and pastries.

I’m partial to the white chocolate & confetti cookie dough for romantic comedies. Get creative by pairing the chocolate chip cookie dough with some delicious ice cream for a cold-weather-themed party. Have fun with the snack and have everything you love because this is your cheat day.

5. Make a little quiz


After watching the movie, it’s sometimes great to discuss it a little. If you’re having a group movie night, consider preparing some inspirational questions such as: who was your favorite character, what was your favorite scene, or what scenes might have disappointed you a little? If you watched the movie on your own, keep a diary in which you give a note and your opinion about the movie, and share it on social networks, it can always save other internet users from being turned off.

Final thoughts

Given the health conditions where social distancing is more than recommended, you can definitely have movie nights with your friends or family but from a distance. Try Hulu Party or Amazon Prime Watch Party. Netflix parties are a great way to watch and discuss the movie you just watched together.

Suggest that your friends dress up according to the party’s theme and go on video chat to have fun. Screen sharing on Discord is a great option if you want to hear your friends’ voices. What’s even cooler is that you could all have the same snack, so even from a distance, offer Freely cookie dough so you can all have the same movie experience.

Sound off in the comments section below and tell us what you want to read next and if you want to read more about having a successful movie night.

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