Bridal Hairstyle: Everything You Need to Know

Because the bride will be the queen of the day, special care must be taken when choosing the wedding dress, makeup and hairstyle.

When should I think about my wedding hairstyle?

It is advisable to make an appointment with your favourite hairdresser a couple of weeks before the “D” day so that he can devote all his time to you.

Avoid changing hairdressers on that day, as you need to feel comfortable discussing what you want and trust the professional.

Tell him how your outfit is so that he can adapt your hairstyle to it, to your look and to your desires. The final choice of your hairstyle is up to you, but your hairdresser will undoubtedly have valuable advice to help you with your choice.

Which hairstyle to choose?

Bridal Hairstyle

Your wedding hairstyle must be in harmony with the style of your wedding, it will be one of the important and key elements of your beauty. The style can be romantic, casual, trendy or even sophisticated.

The hairstyle must resemble you, correspond to the shape of your face, adapt to your wedding outfit (dress and accessories).

You can adorn your hairstyle with various elements such as fresh flowers, pearls, feathers, combs, barrettes or clips.

You have long hair

The chignon is always sober, elegant and refined. Glamorous or sophisticated, it is unparalleled in its ability to release a beautiful neck and lighten your features while highlighting your makeup.

In addition, the traditional veil blends perfectly with the bun.

You have short hair

If you have short hair, you can keep it natural with just a little styling or choose retro notches, flat curls or tousled hair. In the latter case, you will not choose a classic wedding outfit.

It is also possible to opt for a headband or a ribbon.

Finally, why not turn to hair additions or extensions for the occasion.

– The extensions stay in place for several months, they can be washed and coloured.

– Hair extensions can be worn for a couple of weeks, they can be easily removed and repositioned whenever you want.

Be aware that this operation cannot be done on the wedding day because it requires several work hours.

Some tips for your wedding hairstyle

Here are some tips that will be very useful to you:

– Avoid wearing a t-shirt to the hairdresser’s, you will mess up your hair by taking it off. Go for a button-down shirt.

– Your wedding hairstyle should not move, shake your head to see if it is. Otherwise, it would be unfortunate.

– Your makeup should be done before your hairstyle.

– Your hair should be bright and in perfect health. Do not hesitate to do several masks sometime before.

– Roots and white hair will look bad, so consider colouring your hair a few days before the wedding.

Price of a wedding hairstyle

The cost varies from one hairdresser to another. Hairdressers and stylists will be more expensive than your local hairdresser.

You should know that some hairdressers offer packages: hairstyling, veil and hair accessories.

As an indication, count on approximately:

– for the hairstyle: about $100;

– for extensions: about $300 to $500;

– for additions: approximately $100 to $600.

These prices vary depending on the length, the number of strands and whether they are natural.

Hope this post has provided you with the information you were looking for. Should you wish to read something more specific, please let us know in the comments below, and we’ll get back to you with as much information as possible.


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