Throwing a perfect birthday party for your kids can be hard at times, and this is why some parents need help to plan and organize their children’s parties. Fear not because we are here and will give you some useful tips for throwing the perfect birthday party for your kids. Let’s make your kid’s birthday party memorable together.

1. Make a fun cake and decoration


Social media is full of photos of beautiful birthday parties where the decorations match the cake. Not sure it is necessary. There are many online tutorials to make one quickly (and easily) in the shape of a unicorn, whale, or panda. You can also keep it simple: a few balloons, cups, colorful plates and, if you feel like it, a funny cake.

Your child will most likely not remember this party, and party of the joy of throwing a birthday party for your kids is to take photos to show them when they get older. So, be quirky and let your freak flag fly and get your kids the cake they want, no matter how outrageous that idea is.

2. Choose a theme

Kids love to dress up, and the birthday party will be a great opportunity. Choose a theme, and the kids will surely play along by dressing up. Having a theme will also make decorating easier, and it’s an opportunity to get the whole family involved. Some of the most popular themes are dinosaurs, wizards, future princesses, or even superheroes.

A few days before the party, get everyone involved and buy the cutlery and plastic cups for the themed snack. If you don’t feel like a decorator or entertainer that day. You can also create a menu according to the theme you’ve chosen for this specific party. Themes are a way to give other parents a heads up on how to dress their kids, and this will make them fit in the party.

3. Limit the number of guests


As soon as your child starts school, certain implicit rules seem to be put in place. For example, you should invite the number of children corresponding to your child’s age: three friends for their 3 years old, four for their 4 years old. And so on. In reality, it’s all about limiting the number of toddlers who will be running around your living room that day.

You don’t need to invite the whole kindergarten class, but try to identify a few close friends. And don’t forget that some kids don’t feel very comfortable when they are the center of attention. Sometimes the fewer, the merrier!

4. Organize some activities

Once the candles are blown out, the presents opened, and the candy eaten, you’ll have to keep the kids busy. Without hiring an animator, why not plan a few small activities? Of course, it’s out of the question to invent challenges worthy of survivor, but you can imagine a little treasure hunt (there are plenty of examples adapted to the age group on the Internet).

Prepare activities that will get the kids excited to participate in them and do it with them. Make-up workshops, board games, musical chairs… can also be organized without too much difficulty. Let the kids use up their energy, and their parents will thank you after the party. So, the activities are as much for them as for their parents.

If your little one’s birthday falls in the spring or summer, a period of good weather, don’t hesitate to have the party outside. Choose a corner in the park and mark it out with balloons; for example, they will be useful in addition to being a decoration.

Before leaving, mobilize the children by making them clean up the place in the form of a game, such as picking up paper cups or napkins. Count on the presence of several adults in order to avoid losing one of them, and dress the little guests with a distinctive sign that will make it easier for you to keep an eye on them. A small ribbon around the neck or wrist will do the trick.

5. Gifts for guests


Your child will probably receive some gifts from his friends that day. But, when you become a parent, you discover that it is also customary to offer some to the guests. In short, you arrive with a gift, and you leave with another one (and you can’t get out of it). So far, nothing very original.

A piece of advice: don’t think too big— a small surprise bag with some chocolates, a coloring mask or balloons. You can also propose to the children to decorate a frame and put a group photo in it at the time of departure. That will make a nice memory and act as memorabilia or token of this party and make it this more memorable.

Sound off in the comments section below and tell us what you want to read next and if you want to read more tips about throwing the perfect children’s birthday party.

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