As scary as aging might seem, a theme party always makes it go down smoother. People tend to forget that it’s actually your birthday party and that you are, in fact, getting older. No matter if it’s your fourth 25th birthday or your first, a spooky party and dressing up creates the perfect atmosphere to have a party. Here are some ideas on how to throw the perfect Halloween themed birthday party that will delight horror fans and which will even make spooky scary skeletons shiver. So get your spooky on, Halloween and your birthday are right around the corner and this guide will make it memorable.

Choose a specific theme

If you are a big horror nerd like me, throw a scary movie theme party where everyone can dress up as their favorite scary character. Some personal faves are Pennywise from It or Dr. Frank N. Furter from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Or if you want to have a movie-specific horror party where you can be the final girl that is typically from any horror movie, a bit in the vein of Gale Weathers. Whatever theme you choose, make it fun, scary, and commit to it for God’s sake. Remember, it’s your birthday party so you choose the theme that you want and make it that dressing up is not optional.


Create your own spooky invitations to commemorate your birthday; for this one, be as extra as you want to be. Create your own paper invitation if you have time to kill and want to try a DIY activity. However, I would advise you to splurge on the invitation as this will be the thing that sets the whole mood of the upcoming party. You can always find the perfect card on Etsy. Don’t forget to tie the card to the theme of your birthday party.


This is the most important thing and this makes or breaks your party, be on your A-game with the decoration. A safe and effective choice is spiderweb, no, not real spiderweb. You can find them for pretty cheap on Amazon, and they tend to be very realistic and will make for great décor on your front porch or the door of your apartment. Also, try to have a gore-inspired centerpiece, maybe try a skull-shaped vase that you can fill with water that you’ve dyed red and add the flowers-some black flowers might do the trick-of your choice to make it look bussin’ and scary at the same time.

Some people will always show up to your party without dressing up for the occasion out of sheer laziness; you can have a box with random props and costumes that they can rummage through and dress up with their findings, a sort of last-minute costume DIY if you wish. Don’t let anyone ruin your birthday party, always be prepared for the unexpected. To add to this, maybe have a contest where the best-dressed person wins a prize or a sash.


Horror inspired cocktails and food

I scream you scream, we all scream for ice cream, a theme-inspired food and cocktails with punny names and references are always a plus to any party. Instead of serving an old and boring Manhattan, serve a Jason goes to Manhattan cocktail; it’s a deep cut for all us horror fans out there and shows the effort you put in to organize it. A sangria served in a clear glass could also give the illusion of blood and you might call it Carrie, referencing the pig blood with which she was drenched.

Having cake pops in the shape of eyeballs can be a pretty fun idea, too and remember, anything is scary as long as it has a scary name. Instead of serving plain mash potato, maybe say you are serving a monster mash, Spaghetti and eyeball, Nosfera-tofu or even macaroni and screams.


Remember, a spooky birthday party is never really one without candies and a cake. If you love baking, why not try your hand in making the perfect cake that will tie up the whole party or if you are a disaster in the kitchen like me, go to your local cake store and they’ll be more than happy to make the perfect cake for your horror-inspired birthday.

Sound off in the comments below if you are going to have a Halloween-inspired party for your next birthday.

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